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What is Space?

Alternate to Space

Nature provides us "simple" hints about the nature of space!

  • One cannot see let alone touch space!
  • Yet let us consider two distinct stars within our milky way galaxy; something that is then invisible and untouchable has to be there in between the two, because if there were nothing the two would be in contact.1
  • In a nutshell we human do not know what is space but we must conclude that something makes space, just to keep the celestial bodies separated from each other!
  • At least we know that gravitation "exists" in space; why would gravitation not be either an ingredient of space or space itself?
  • While we neither see nor feel space (a hint that induces us in believing that space is empty):
    1. First, giving it a thought (above), we discover that space is something because something has to separate stars from stars and galaxies from galaxies.
    2. Then we do feel the force of gravitation, a second hint of mother nature that indicates that either there is something in space or space is made of something.
  • So we can confidently claim that space is a volume that is either occupied by someting or a volume made of something.

Physics' concept of space is literally out of this world!

One of physics interpretation of space
In physics space is proven (first) to be absolute vacuum or absolutely empty
  • The famous experiments of Michelson and Morley of the late 1800ís proved "beyond any doubt" that light travels in absolute vacuum.
  • Since then physicists calculated that due to their speed should light waves travel through a medium, as sound waves do through air, that medium would have to be solid!
  • So in physics "space" is an absolute vacuum made of nothing!
And here is physics opposite interpretation of space
But in physics space is also filled with frantic energy!
  • Yet a (huge) controversy of physics is that the "quantum vacuum" is nothing but nothing!
  • The quantum vacuum is instead filled with frantic energy, out of which material-particle / imaginary-anti-particle pairs can emerge.
Let's face it, physicists cannot have it both ways!
Space cannot be "absolute vacuum" to transmit light and "full of energy" to satisfy quantum theory!
  • Space in physics is another of those "dualities" that physicists acquit themselves with too easily!
  • And whether you are a layperson as this writer is or a scientist/physicist, the science of physics doesn't help you much!
  • Simply speaking, the science of physics doesn't answer the question: What is space?

Yet there is a simple solution

  • There is a simple, yet pragmatic solution to physics's dilemma!
  • And that is a brand new interpretation of Nature, which name is gravimotion.

For a full treatise on gravimotion click:

A Glance at the Infinite Present

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Note 1
The idea that two stars that are apart, have to be separated by something else than empty space is very clever!
I mention that cleverness because I did not myself think of it before reading about it!
Furthermore the idea fits in a different way my own idea that space is made of "motion" (gravimotion).
I first read about the idea that two stars apart in space, are separated by something, in the
Gravimotion's interpretation of space differs greatly from that site's interpretation though.

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